URA: Tax Advisory PAT Business Consults is a Certified Domestic Tax Agent approved by Uganda Revenue Authority. And our qualified tax consultants will handle your tax affairs with tax solutions that work. Read More Fin: Financial Advisory It is inevitable to make financial decisions without consulting a friend or professional for advise. Every successful plan is based on a sound financial plan that outlines your purpose, vision, mission and goal. Read More Acc: Accounting Services There is always accountability in everything. Therefore Accounting is part of every organization's day-to-today operations. That is why getting Accounts prepared the right way needs the right people and Accounting support. This is exactly what we do. Read More IA: Internal Audit Auditing your organization's accounts and financial records serves to give an independent view and assurance. Therefore getting the right professional to do this depends on the choice of such professional like PAT Business Consults. Read More PAT: Business Advisory “While operating in a business environment, access to consultancy services is inevitable and the way to go.” says our Managing Partner. Read More CTA: Philip Mudoko

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One Stop Center

PAT Business Consults is your One Stop consultancy centre in Tax,

Accounting, Audit, Advisory, Technical support and Corporate services

for both Private and Public business settings across major industry sectors.

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Our self-driven team of Certified consulting professionals have the

skills and expertise to do the job and deliver great results.

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We get things done systematically by doing the hard service for you.

Our service eases your business procedures so you can achieve more

by focusing on Strategic tasks.

Key Accomplishments

We have handled and solved several Tax disputes between our clients and

Uganda Revenue Authority and their testimonials and recommendations

clearly speaks to this.

More than 5 Years in Existence

148 projects completed.
21 Professionals
3 awards wining
237 satisfied clients